Our Story

The Keys of Harmony Gospel Singers are a female quartet group from Shelby, NC, comprised of three sisters, Patty, Dee and Sharon, and Patty’s daughter, Aftan. Their name is derivative of their well-blended voices, as well as their ability to mix traditional gospel with a modern twist.  While continuing to ‘sing in the key of God’, the Keys are working diligently to complete their next project. 

The Keys were organized, founded and launched by Patty Surratt-Smith in 1980, who sought the counsel of the late Mr. Lee Brown to develop a suitable name for the group. The Keys recorded and released their first project in 1995, and won the “Artist of the Year” award from WPEG 97.9 the same year with their hit song, ‘Hiding Place’ being at the top of the local music charts. Though the Keys always discussed recording another album with various producers and music industry leaders, the idea never took flight until a series of unfortunate events caused their musical pursuits to come to a halt in 2012. 

In the Spring of 2012, Patty’s youngest daughter was severely injured in a car accident, and three days later Dee’s husband had a severe heart attack. It was during those experiences that the Keys had to take a break, focus all of their attention on God and their family, and spend a lot of time in prayer. Those moments of fasting and prayer birthed their sophomore album, ‘Hold Your Head Up’, as they collectively felt that there was something more they were supposed to do.  Since then, the Keys have also released a Christmas EP entitled, ‘Christmas with the Keys’. They continue to be known for their consistency, as well as the perseverance they have shown throughout their 36-year musical career.  

The Keys are committed to carrying out Psalms 98:4 by making a joyful noise unto the Lord and singing His praises throughout the earth. The Keys continue to serve their community in efforts to end violence and to empower youth through educational initiatives. Their prayer and goal is to keep working while it is day so that Heaven will be their home.